Korn, Architects, Behemoth & more for Wacken Open Air 2024

Wacken Open Air Germany 2024 news

First up, we have the trailblazers of Nu-Metal, the undisputed fathers of the biggest metal youth movement of the ’90s – make some noise for KORN! Get ready for a seismic wave of heavy vibes and a spectacular show – don’t forget your adidas pants.

But that’s just the beginning! For those wanting to build a real metal gingerbread house, you need experts: ARCHITECTS will unleash a sonic storm, their music characterized by intensity, depth, and a distinctive sound.

No Christmas without traditions, and sticking to the above, KK Downing can also be considered an architect – of metal history. His unique style has made him a stalwart and an icon of Heavy Metal. With his band KK‘s PRIEST, he has entered the race to carry on the legacy.

But hold on, where there’s a lot of light, there’s also a lot of shadow – and that’s a good thing. Darkness? We love it!
 BEHEMOTH, the devil’s brigade of Extreme Black Metal, and chief magician Nergal will also ride in to unleash their hellish symphonies.

Dark support to transform the Holy into the Unholy Ground comes from two hordes of Northern European vampires: both Alt-Maestros THE 69 EYES and Junior-Bloodsuckers MISTER MISERY are flying to Wacken with sharp teeths hungry for your energy. For those finding all this too spooky and eccentric, here come living traditionalist legends: RAVEN uphold the banner of NWOBHM and are considered pioneers of Speed Metal. From the metal heartland of Germany, PRIMAL FEAR will present a masterclass in pure, unbridled Heavy Metal.

To break down genre boundaries, we bring you THE BABOON SHOW from Sweden – our favorite circus, but with fewer elephants and more Punk Rock! We give the monkey some sugar and look forward to their crazy show – which would hardly be topable if it weren’t for THE DARKNESS! The absolute representatives when it comes to campy Glam Rock, cheeky lyrics, and probably the hottest stage outfits of W:O:A 2024. Sorry, and we can’t help it if you now have ‘I believe in a thing called Love’ stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Wacken Open Air Germany 2024 December poster
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