The Prodigy, Royal Republic, Bombay Bicycle Club & more for Rock For People 2024

Rock for People Czech Republic 2024 news

Czech festival Rock For People returns to Hradec Kralove on the 12th – 15th June 2024 with headliners THE OFFSPRING, BRING ME THE HORIZON and special guests SUM 41! Festival organisers have now added more acts including THE PRODIGY, ROYAL REPUBLIC, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB, THY ART IS MURDER, YUNGBLUD, UNDERØATH and more!

BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB have been writing songs for Saturday nights and songs for Sunday mornings since their mid-teens. That they’re now barely in their thirties and remain one of the most inventive, insistent and, arguably, influential British guitar bands of the past generation says much to their powers of reinvention. But it also speaks to the band’s effortless ear for a melody and the masters of its deployment.

In 2009, the fresh-faced BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB released their debut album, I Had The Blues But I Shook Them Loose. It’s a record that the band’s earliest adopters swear by, the soundtrack to very specific moments in their life, and with vivid memories to boot. A visceral record, teeming with teenage angst and youthful abandonment. Songs that spoke to thousands, and a heart on its sleeve statement of this young band’s intent.  Their latest album “My Big Day” also found the band’s studio door wedged open for a collaborative experience, inviting the likes of Jay Som, Nilüfer Yanya, and Holly Humberstone and Damon Albarn who all feature.

On first listen, BOMBAY BICYCLE CLUB have opened up the curtains and let this revelatory set of vibrant, joyous compositions bask in the sunshine. It’s an album that means business, sculpted by one of Britain’s best guitar bands. They’ll take it to stages across the world next, and that’s a show you won’t want to miss.

ROYAL REPUBLIC are many things. Sweden’s foremost masters of addictive rock’n’roll. Trained musicians with a killer instinct for a great hook. Voracious music nerds with appetites that span pop, garage rock, heavy metal, americana, hip-hop and just about everything in between. Cheerful hedonists who’ll drink you under the table after shows and nail perfect four-part vocal harmonies on stage every night.

The world’s most eclectic rock band? Quite possibly. Since meeting at the Malmö Academy Of Music in 2007 – before making their first global waves with hit singles Tommy Gun and Full Steam Spacemachine – ROYAL REPUBLIC have cultivated an ‘anything goes’ spirit that flies in the face of genre labels. No boundaries, no limitations. They’ll give you sugared up disco one minute, and tear your face off with a bludgeoning thrash assault the next.

THY ART IS MURDER ascended the ranks of extreme metal’s top-tier bands with a meteoric underground rise as explosive as humankind’s seemingly inevitable descent into doom and death. Australia’s most harrowingly brutal export since George Miller’s Mad Max franchise invites audiences worldwide to join them in a fresh Armageddon. A soundtrack to a divisive postmodern dystopia.

Two-time ARIA Music Awards nominees and tourmates with genre-titans like Cannibal Corpse, Slayer, Kreator, Lamb Of God, and Killswitch Engage, THY ART IS MURDER offers a savage take on blackened death metal combined with a heady but accessible approach to social commentary. Songs like “Reign of Darkness,” “Atonement,” “The Purest Strain of Hate,” and “Puppet Master” became anthems for outsiders, those who dare to challenge, provoke, and resist the dark world around them. They make dark, chaotic, nihilistic, heavy music with sharp smarts beneath its surface.

Born in Yorkshire, England, YUNGBLUD (aka Dominic Harrison) is a multi-instrumentalist who first picked up a guitar at age two and began writing his own songs at age 10. The 26-year-old artist is known for voicing what he feels are major concerns for his generation, using his music to unite and empower the youth of today.

His fans call themselves the “Black hearts club” and have two black hearts in their emblem – one broken and the other full. This community of people generally hold the same views that Yungblud promotes. First of all, mutual tolerance, or the ability to be yourself. There is also a significant number of people from the LGBT community, for example, as they feel understanding and support from his music, and acceptance from other fans into an imaginary family, without prejudice.

YUNGBLUD’s third full-length album, YUNGBLUD, marked an exciting new era for the artist. The critically-acclaimed album went #1 in six countries and has currently achieved over 423M streams since its release on September 2nd, 2022.

YUNGBLUD’s breakneck voyage through the alt cosmos continues, with ‘Lowlife’ marking a fresh new era – visually, sonically and creatively – for the artist who has undeniably become the voice of Gen-Z, using his music to unite and empower the youth of today. Recent single ‘Lowlife’ is perhaps YUNGBLUD’s most honest creation to date. Delivered with fervour and passion, it is an energetic, rebellious and turbo-charged anthem, fusing hard-edge melodies, heavy basslines and raw, vulnerable lyrics. It marks the beginning of a sonic and creative shift that sees YUNGBLUD return to his alternative roots while also taking creative risks with quirky yet detailed production, and considered instrumentation that simultaneously feels both new and nostalgic. The single was teased ahead of release when YUNGBLUD sent hand-written notes to fans’ letterboxes around the world, detailing locations in London, LA and Germany, where blacked-out cars emblazoned with the single title popped up, attracting masses of fans who gathered in their thousands to experience the single for the first time. YUNGBLUD now has over 6 million monthly listeners on Spotify and over 3 Billion global streams.

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