Veronica Maggio confirmed for Brannbollsyran 2024

Veronica Maggio plays Brannbollsyran 2024

Since her debut in 2006, VERONICA MAGGIO has been elevated to the skies by journalists and fans and has achieved incredible commercial success with her seven critically acclaimed albums – all multi-platinum. She has broken a record on Spotify with over 1 billion streams and is thus the first artist – ever – whose song catalog in Swedish reaches the magical milestone.

VERONICA MAGGIO was Sweden’s fourth most streamed artist on Spotify in 2022 and 2023. In the spring of 2023, Veronica Maggio experienced a record-breaking summer audience and the collaboration with Miriam Bryant resulted in the masterful song “Under nogan ny” – a song that was praised in unison in the media and generated over 16 million streams on Spotify. One of the summer’s biggest songs at P3 was Veronica’s collaboration with NOTD in the song “Occhi D’Amore” and the year ended with a #1 single in “It will never be over for me”.

VERONICA MAGGIO will play the arena stage on Saturday 1st June 2024 at Brännbollsyran festival in Umeå, Sweden!

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