De Schorre Provincial Recreational Park

De Schorre Provincial Recreational Park venue

Provincial Recreational Domain De Schorre is located in the heart of the Rupel region. It is a recreational and green oasis in the urban bustle of Antwerp, Mechelen and Brussels. The domain is an old clay pit and large parts of De Schorre used to be owned by the Verstrepen and Van Herck brickyards. Now it is a recreational domain with beautiful ponds and beautiful nature where you can enjoy walking and cycling. About one third of the domain is set up as a nature zone. Here you will find the pioneer vegetation that grew spontaneously after the brickmakers stopped their activities in the clay pit. A rich variety of birds, insects and animals find shelter here. Two authentic clay dredgers at the ponds still refer to the brickmaking past. The ponds and delta slope ensure that different sports clubs have their home base here.

The domain was purchased on December 8th, 1986 from the municipality of Boom by the Provincial Government of Antwerp. Since then, works have been carried out in various phases that have transformed De Schorre into a beautiful green recreational area and an ideal location for parties, events, meetings and conferences. The old warehouse of Verstrepen was converted into the modern Congress Center De Pitte. The reception and rental desk and the administration were also housed in the same building. The climbing tower was put back into use in 2010 and completely renovated into a real adventure tower.

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    De Schorre Provincial Recreational Park, Schommelei 1, 2850 Boom, Belgium
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