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PRETTY MAIDS – one of the most loved and well-respected rock bands in both Denmark and internationally – are together again after a five-year hiatus. Today, they announce their first 2024 concerts at the Danish rock and metal festivals COPENHELL in Copenhagen and JAILBREAK in Horsens.

Spearheaded by original members Ronnie Atkins and Ken Hammer, the Danish music phenomenon PRETTY MAIDS is back on the heavy rock frontline and ready to hit the stages again with their energetic performances and unforgettable songs. The Danish music veterans will play their third COPENHELL concert and make their debut at JAILBREAK in their hometown of Horsens in 2024, which is the 40-year anniversary of the release of the band’s fiery debut album ‘Red, Hot and Heavy’ from 1984.

Due to various circumstances, PRETTY MAIDS ended up taking a break towards the end of 2019.

We would have preferred to have decided that on our own terms and not because of the things that hit us, but it has nevertheless been good for us. Ronnie and I have been together 200 days a year in more than 40 years and we don’t exactly spare each other, so it can be tough. I have never been together with another person as intensely and as much as I have been with him, and that can take a toll when we are both going full speed all the time. Getting a little distance can work wonders.

Today, 4-5 years later, we really feel that our batteries have been recharged and are ready to be discharged in the most awesome way. We may have become older in the meantime, but rock’n’roll keeps people almost eternally young, and we will come to next year’s concerts firing on all cylinders.

Ken Hammer – guitarist

Ever since the ’80s, PRETTY MAIDS have been a cornerstone of the Danish rock and metal scene’s foundation. Their music is a powerful mix of hard rock and heavy metal, and their crisp hooks and infectious melodies have turned them into an important institution in both Denmark and abroad.

The band is one of the most important representatives of Danish rock music, and they have achieved impressive international success over the years. Hit singles like ’Future World’, ’Red, Hot and Heavy’ and not least their cover version of the John Sykes/Phil Lynott ballad ‘Please Don’t Leave Me’ have stolen both hearts and souls among music fans all over the world. Through the years, the band has toured all over the world and has become a big name in Japan, Germany, Spain, Sweden and Switzerland, among other countries.

When PRETTY MAIDS announced in 2019 that they would be taking a break, shock waves went through the music world and their fans feared that a great era was now over. Fortunately, a break is not always a farewell, and the band is now ready to open an all-new chapter in their impressive career – great news for both old and new fans.

This reunion also came about against all odds. Lead singer Ronnie Atkins was diagnosed with cancer in 2019, and his brave battle against the disease and his unremitting dedication to music has inspired both fans and musicians all over the world. Him being together with the band on the stage again is not just a reunion but also a celebration of his powerful personal battle against the disease.

The end in 2019 was way too abrupt. We had just released our newest album, ’Undress Your Madness’, which we never got to play live because we had to cancel our 2020 tour as concerts were not possible anywhere.

Ken and I met up at JAILBREAK back in Horsens earlier this year. We are a couple of big alpha males in an old marriage that has gone up and down over the years. But we just felt that it wasn’t over yet. This was something that we both dreamt about as teenagers, and looking back at all of it today is completely surreal. And we just have to get back on stage and meet our fans – a lot of people really want to see us perform again. ”Going out there and feeling the rush again, and playing both new and old songs together with the gang, will be great. This will not be a goodbye but a big celebration of a long career! We have two 2024 concerts in our schedule for now – and then we will just have to wait and see what the future brings.

Ronnie Atkins

The reunion is not only a gift for loyal fans who have followed PRETTY MAIDS through several decades; it also gives an entirely new generation the chance to experience the energetic and intense live performances that the group is famous for. It is a declaration that rock music has eternal appeal, a big place in our hearts and binds generations together – something that the audiences will get to experience at Denmark’s two leading heavy music festivals next year.

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