Megadeth headline Mystic Festival 2024!

Megadeth headline Mystic Festival Poland 2024

Symphony of destruction will resonate at the Gdansk Shipyard! MEGADETH, the legends of American thrash metal, will be one of the three headliners of the festival.

Whoever was with us in July in Katowice’s Spodek, knows how in excellent shape the creators of “Rust in Peace” are today. Who was not – could only regret, until today! For here will come an opportunity to catch up, at the Mystic Festival 2024. On an even bigger stage, MEGADETH will be able to amaze you with an incredible production and stun you with the power of their sound.

Joining them are BODY COUNT, veterans from SODOM, metalcore visionaries from CRYSTAL LAKE and LIK, 100% of Swedish death metal, are coming to Mystic Festival 2024.

In the 1990s, combining metal and rap was a fresh and trendy concept, but BODY COUNT is an exception, because although they had a popular rapper at the front, they measured the ratio decidedly in favor of furious thrash. The strength of Body Count is first and foremost Ernie C.’s riffs as well as the vocals and charisma of Ice T. Not to mention their uncompromising nature, because to start making your history with a track like “Cop Killer” you have to be fearless. To get a Grammy after nearly three decades – consistent. Body Count have already announced a new album, “Merciless” – and yes, they are also merciless.

40 years at war, but SODOM are not thinking of laying down their arms and retiring. They are the pioneers who wrote the history of the Big Four of Teutonic Thrash Metal, inspiring generations of extreme artists. Sodom never strayed from their course, though they changed and evolved at the same time. “Obsessed By Cruelty”, “Agent Orange” or “M-16” are, after all, completely different albums – but all excellent and all of them already belong to the canon of European metal.

Technical proficiency, unrestrained imagination and a crystal – nomen omen – pure sound are what CRYSTAL LAKE is all about. In 2023, the Tokyo quintet gained a new voice, in the shape of John Robert Centorrino (ex-The Last Ten Seconds of Life), and began a new chapter with the excellent single “Dystopia”, consistently balancing metalcore and prog-metal.

Those who are familiar with the album “Misanthropic Breed”, the third full-length in LIK’S discography, will know the opening scream of pain. That’s what you’ll be singing too if you walk up to the stage for a show by this Stockholm quartet. This is death metal in its purest form, a follow-up to the work of destruction once started by Entombed or Dismember. By the time Lik show up in Gdansk, their fourth album, sure to be as brutal as the others, should be ready.

Mystic Festival 2024 will take place at the Gdansk Shipyard from June 5-8.

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