Guns n’ Roses to headline Copenhell 2023!

Guns n Roses headline Copenhell Denmark 2023 news

GUNS N’ ROSES will embark on a massive world tour this year, and the legendary rock band will perform at COPENHELL in Denmark.

With the megaband GUNS N’ ROSES as the headliner on a festival poster with no less than 70 hard and heavy bands across four great days so far, COPENHELL is proud to also announce that only few tickets are left for this year’s festival, which looks to be sold out historically early. This is yet another milestone for the Danish rock and metal festival – and not least for the audience who can look forward to an incredible experience in less than four months from now.

When GUNS N’ ROSES released their debut ’Appetite for Destruction’ on July 21st 1987, it was not just a landmark moment for Los Angeles’ hard rock scene in the US. The album became the best-selling American debut album and the 11th best-selling American album ever, but it was also the spark that ignited a true music phenomenon that came out of nowhere and achieved legendary status in no time. Axl Rose’s formidable vocals, the eminent songwriting and the almost supernaturally awesome guitar licks from Slash with the iconic high hat and sunglasses, together with the entire band’s quality, kickstarted the tough bad boys’ career and propelled them from the small Sunset Boulevard clubs to the world’s greatest music arenas in very few years.

In 1991, the band gave the entire world a two-punch combo with the two platinum-selling albums ‘Use Your Illusion I’ and ‘Use Your Illusion II’, which achieved Billboard 200 top spots upon their release. Their catalogue also holds the albums ’G N’ R Lies’, ‘The Spaghetti Incident?’, ‘Greatest Hits’ and ‘Chinese Democracy’. Since then, GUNS N’ ROSES has sold more than 100 million albums and is also one of the world’s most streamed rock bands with an average of 24 million listeners on Spotify.

Right from the beginning, the band’s music was genre-definining and completely redefined the essence of hard rock. Their songs span across everything from anxiety-ridden and passionate ballads to aggressive and explosive bangers – all of them performed with exceptional passion and uncompromising love for music. The pulsating ferocity saturating everything the band has done ever since the early days would go on to become their defining characteristic and something that has sent audiences all over the world into pure ecstacy during their unforgettable live shows.

All of their huge hits were defining music experiences for many young people back then, and they have become a cornerstone in the musical identity of everyone who grew up with GUNS N’ ROSES and all the way until today where the band is deeply ingrained in popular culture. The super hit ’Welcome to the Jungle’ from their debut album got the entire world’s attention; ’November Rain’ is an eminent tear-jerker of a lovesong, which is chiselled into the brain of an entire generation; ’Sweet Child o’ Mine’ is one of the greatest rock’n’roll songs ever; ‘Nightrain’ was the epitome of 80s decadence and great nights out; ‘Paradise City’ is still today one of the band’s most popular and immortal songs; and the list of unrivalled songs from the band could continue forever here.

After the greatest reunion of the century in 2016, GUNS N’ ROSES headlined the American music festival Coachella and sold more than five million tickets on their Not In This Lifetime… tour. Many more concerts are on the horizon in 2023, together with several surprises – The ‘Nightrain’ keeps rolling at full speed!

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