Five Finger Death Punch headline Metalfest Open Air 2024

Five Finger Death Punch headline Metalfest Open Air Czech Republic 2024

And here it is! Pilsen´s METALFEST, which will start the 2024 summer festival season, confirms its absolute headliner! It´s a huge name, one of the most famous in the music world – get ready for the death punch from FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH!

America’s FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH has amassed over 11 billion streams worldwide, 25 top 10 hit singles and 15 #1 singles. They became one of the most famous bands ever. They appear at the world’s biggest festivals and regularly sell out the world’s biggest arenas! Since their debut album “The Way of the Fist” released in 2007, the band has released nine consecutive albums, seven of which have been certified Gold or Platinum. The band’s latest album “Afterlife” (2022) about life and death and the balance between them, collects more stunning achievements. In addition, the band has earned a number of national and international awards and honours over the past decade, such as the prestigious Soldier Appreciation Award from the Association of the United States Army, an honour surpassed only by Elvis Presley.

The band has raised millions of dollars over the years to support veterans, first responders and many other charities. For more than a decade, Five Finger Death Punch have been partnering with various organizations to raise awareness of many of the world’s issues. Currently, it is a program for shelter, food, education, job assistance, mental health services and health care for homeless youth across America.

Many of our songs and music videos speak directly to these issues. It is our commitment to contribute to support these programs and use our platform to raise awareness about them. It’s perfectly in line with the values of the band and our fans.

Ivan Moody

FIVE FINGER DEATH PUNCH comes to scream hard and uncompromisingly about the problems of our world and plant the idea in your heads with the power of their music, how each of you could help the world and make it a better place to live! METALFEST couldn’t have a better headliner! This will be the ultimate experience in every way!

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