Tulum’s Zamna Festival Set For California Debut!

Interstellar Festival California 2023 news

Insomniac has revealed that Tulum’s highly-acclaimed Zamna Festival is set to traverse borders and land in Southern California for the first time, presenting the music curation behind one of Interstellar Experience’s two stages.  Music enthusiasts and festival-goers alike are in for an unforgettable experience as Insomniac brings Zamna’s unique blend of culture, art, and music to just its third American location.

Interstellar, initially launched as a novel collaboration between Insomniac’s trance-focused Dreamstate and techno-focused Factory 93 brands, debuts at the LA Waterfront at Berth 46 in San Pedro, CA on Saturday, August 19th and Sunday, August 20th. The Interstellar festival experience promises a journey to the heavens with the harmonious vibrations and melodies becoming a soundtrack to a journey through the unknown. From the full roster of artists announced to play Interstellar, including LANE 8, YOTTO, WHOMADEWHO, SASHA & JOHN DIGWEED, MATHAME, BOB MOSES, MIND AGAINST and more, the Zamna team will curate a stage direction to reflect the world-class artistry and musical experience that Zamna Festival is globally known for.

Since Zamna Festival’s inception in 2017, its annual gathering in Tulum has become a must-attend event for music enthusiasts from around the world, who unite to celebrate the best of dance music in the mesmerizing Mexican paradise. Set against the backdrop of ancient Mayan ruins in the picturesque Yucatán Peninsula, Zamna Festival has integrated the local Mayan culture and traditions into the immersive jungle experience that goes beyond just the music. Building on the undeniable success of previous Zamna editions in cities like Barcelona, Madrid, Miami, New York, São Paulo, Tel Aviv, Zamna’s first Southern California appearance at Interstellar Festival promises to be an oasis of allure, featuring top-tier musical performances, unparalleled production with customized lighting, state-of-the-art sound design, and immersive visual installations.

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