Storsjöyran reveals the first 8 acts for 2023!

Storsjoyran Festival Sweden 2023 news

Pop, rock, Grammy-winning hip-hop, melodious hard rock, languidly beautiful folk music and experimental performing arts. The first names presented are a mix of broad and narrow, old familiar and new names – just as Storsjöyran should be!

Here are the first eight names for this year’s festival – MISS LI, HOOJA, JOHNOSSI, JIREEL, NESTOR, SARA PARKMAN, MOR and BOB HUND‘s acclaimed performance The unreal truth about Bob Hund is the first artist release for Storsjöyran 2023.

Storsjöyran takes place July 28th – 30th in Östersund – In total, around forty artists will play during three festival nights, more names will be presented soon!.

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