South Ocean Festival adds a second stage and seven more acts

As part of its vision to combine big international names with giving audiences the opportunity to discover new and interesting acts, South Ocean Festival is now announcing a second stage on the festival site – the Friends Stage – which will accommodate seven more acts.

The new acts mean that the festival will give audiences a total of 16 music experiences over the two festival days this summer on 7th and 8th July. The second stage will be an addition to the festival made possible by a collaboration with Sweden’s CEO network Friends of Executive.

This is incredibly fun to make happen! We love festivals and are passionate about music. There is a strong local music scene to highlight, but it is done too rarely and almost never in large contexts. We want to change that!

We see a lot of interest in South Ocean Festival and we are super proud of that. It ranges from people who cheer encouragingly in the city to large parts of the business community who are committed to our efforts and who see the value of the festival for our entire region. Our second stage is a brilliant example of this as it was possible to realise it thanks to a collaboration with one of Sweden’s leading CEO networks, Friends of Executive. Together we are strong and can create anything.

Simon Andersson – Festival Director

During the two days of the festival, the acts will alternate between the Main Stage and the Friends Stage. This means that the festival offers non-stop live music and a fantastic mix of music genres and experiences. On the Friends Stage, the bands SKURKLANDET, DALAPLAN, COLORSTONE, RAINDEAR, VA ROCKS, TRUE LIES and EYES (SE) will play, which are well-established bands on Malmö’s local music scene.

The seven extra acts will play in live sets of about 45 minutes, alternating with the Main Stage.

There will be something for everyone, everything from traditional or synth-based pop to classic and melodic rock, with lots of energy, feeling and attitude!

Micke Fredholm, Operational Manager

The festival takes place at Sibbarp in Malmö and runs between Friday 7th and Saturday 8th July. The festival has several big names exclusively visiting Sweden and Malmö during their European tours. FLORENCE + THE MACHINE (UK), FATHER JOHN MISTY (US), THE LIBERTINES (UK) and NORWAY’S RÖYKSOPP will be there. On the Swedish side, we see stars like ALBIN LEE MELDAU, BENJAMIN INGROSSO, SMITH & THELL and newly acclaimed DINA ÖGON.

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