Pretty Maids confirmed for Jailbreak festival 2024

Jailbreak Festival Denmark 2024

PRETTY MAIDS were formed in Horsens, Denmark in 1981 by lead singer Ronnie Atkins, guitarist Ken Hammer and a group of great musicians. Through the years, the band has established itself as one of the greatest Danish acts on both the domestic and the international rock scene.

Their debut album ’Red, Hot and Heavy’ was released in 1984 and established the band’s characteristic sound, and it quickly became a big cult classic. Their great breakthrough came with their second release ’Future World’ in 1987 with great hits like ‘Future World’ and ‘Love Games’, which cemented the group’s status as a globally acknowledged rock band and gave them a strong and dedicated international fan base.

In the early ’90s, the band released the albums ’Jump the Gun’ in 1990, ’Sin-Decade’ in 1992 and ’Scream’ in 1995, which confirmed their staying power and strong ability to follow changing music trends while staying true to their original sound and identity. This was a period with a lot of replacements among the band’s other members, but Ronnie Atkins’ strong vocals and Ken Hammer’s signature guitar sound have always been the glue that held everything together and made sure that their music never lost its recognisability.

With a collection of memorable hits behind them and constant high quality in their music, PRETTY MAIDS have touched both loyal fans and new listeners over the years. Not least, they have been a great source of inspiration for other rock and metal bands all over the world. The band’s current line-up is Ronnie Atkins (vocals), Ken Hammer (lead guitar), Rene Shades (bass), Chris Laney (rhythm guitar) and Allan Tschicaja (drums).

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