Junction 2 Announces Three New Stages

Junction 2 Festival UK 2023 news

The debut of the three innovative stages will strengthen Junction 2’s connection to cutting-edge dance music, raising the festival experience to unparalleled heights!

Boston Manor Park sets the scene for the 2023 edition of Junction 2, from the last event the team has been busy reimagining the festival, with renewed focus on sound, lighting and production. Three new stages will debut: the Grid, Quad, and Blackout, while the renowned Bridge and secluded Woods stages will be taken to the next level. The stages will give Junction 2’s artists free reign to express themselves, while lucky ticket holders will be treated to a fully immersive audiovisual experiences across each unique space rarely seen in day festivals. Complimenting and interacting with the land at Boston Manor Park, the team can’t wait to show off what they’ve been working on.


THE GRID, a new cutting-edge stage at Junction 2, features revolutionary technology that sets the bar for groundbreaking lighting, sound, and production. This stage is primed to host some of the festival’s heaviest-hitting acts, guaranteeing a captivating experience for the audience, no matter their location. Overhead lighting structures extend all the way to the back of the crowd, ensuring that every attendee is fully enveloped in both sound and visuals.

The Grid offers the ultimate platform to witness jaw-dropping performances from renowned acts like UNDERWORLD, ADAM BEYER / CIREZ D, MALL GRAB B2B SKIN ON SKIN, MATHAME, MAX COOPER, KAS:ST and more.

QUAD, an open-air space defined by four production towers, is designed to showcase some of the finest names in house music. With FUSE and Phonica Records, two of London’s most respected music partners—collaborating over the weekend, this new stage embodies the past, present, and future of the London scene. The Quad stands as a testament to the enduring impact and significance of these partners in the world of underground music.

The lineup at Quad includes acts such as DIXON, DAPHNI B2B HUNEE, DAN SHAKE and a series of eagerly anticipated B2Bs in the FUSE camp, featuring ENZO SIRAGUSA B2B DYED SOUNDOROM AND MARGARET DYGAS B2B SONJA MOONEAR.

BLACKOUT, a stage designed to transcend the conventional limits of daylight festivals, offers an entrancing rave experience that transports attendees to an alternate place. This innovative space boasts intelligent lighting, a colossal soundsystem, and some of the hardest-hitting DJs of the weekend, providing an unrivaled musical journey.

The lineup at Blackout includes powerhouses such as DJ STINGRAY 313 B2B OBJEKT, DAX J, FJAAK, KETTAMA, SAMA’ ABDULHADI and I. JORDAN.

THE BRIDGE, Junction 2’s most iconic stage, is set to make a triumphant return, delivering yet another year of unparalleled party experiences. As one of the most impressive festival spaces in the UK, it continues to draw a stellar lineup of top-tier artists. This year’s roster features Detroit techno pioneer JEFF MILLS, who will make his debut at Boston Manor Park, alongside renowned acts such as CHARLOTTE DE WITTE, NINA KRAVIZ and the UK B2B debut of BEN UFO and HELENA HAUFF. Additionally, CARLITA B2B DJ TENNIS will grace the stage as ASTRA CLUB.

And last but not least, the WOODS, one of the most celebrated stages at Junction 2. Embodying the essence of iconic woodland raves and boasting some of the finest sound quality at any UK festival, the Woods stage has become a cherished favorite among Junction 2 fans—and with good reason. Revitalized for 2023 after a hiatus, the Woods is set to host an impressive lineup of artists, including MIDLAND, OR:LA and CC:DISCO!.

The HESSLE AUDIO TRIO will curate the stage on Saturday, inviting BATU, EHUA and Miami’s finest NICK LEÓN and BITTER BABE to join them in creating an unforgettable experience.

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