Huntsville, Alabama Welcomes Inaugural South Star Festival

USA South Star Festival Alabama 2024

Huntsville, Alabama is excited to welcome the inaugural South Star Festival to John Hunt Park on September 28-29. The event featuring 20 artists across two stages will make its Rocket City debut this fall with headliners BLINK-182 and GWEN STEFANI alongside SHINEDOWN, BECK, JANE’S ADDICTION, SUBLIME, GOO GOO DOLLS, JIMMY EAT WORLD, TLC, LUDACRIS, JUVENILE AND THE 400 DEGREEZ BAND, BIG BOI, GIN BLOSSOMS, PETE YORN, CANDLEBOX, VANESSA CARLTON, WINONA FIGHTER, BULLY, DEXTER & MOONROCKS and BILLY ALLEN + THE POLLIES.


Huntsville, home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, has made a serious commitment to bringing more music, culture, and entertainment to their rapidly growing city. South Star Festival builds upon the city’s expansion and development in this realm and follows the Spring 2022 opening of the Orion Amphitheater. An innovative hub, thanks in large part to its continued exploration and rich history in aerospace, the city has become a destination for those looking for a vibrant new community to join and tourists alike.

The fact that C3 Presents is jumping headfirst into the development of our music ecosystem and the investment they’re making into Huntsville speaks volumes about our current reputation and trajectory towards being a world class music city. Year one of the South Star Festival boasts a mind-blowing array of superstar talent that is sure to appeal to a broad audience and inject millions of dollars into our local economy. The epic scale and quality of product C3 produces will elevate our entire music landscape. Artists talk to each other about their experiences, and it’s obvious these artists have all heard good things about Huntsville. It’s an exciting time for music in Huntsville, and we look forward to welcoming music fans and visitors alike to John Hunt Park in September!

Matt Mandrella (Music Officer, City of Huntsville)

South Star Festival adds to Huntsville’s dynamic and flourishing music and entertainment scene with its diverse lineup of talent and other festival offerings. In addition to live music, the event boasts a massive sports bar on site that will provide a way for festival goers to catch the biggest football games without leaving the park. SEC country takes football season seriously and so does South Star Festival. Post up with a beer and watch the big game at our giant sports bar – South Star Sports Hall!

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