Green Day & Bring Me The Horizon headline Greenfield Festival 2024!

Greenfield Festival 2024

Greenfield Festival will take place next year from June 13th to 15th and is proud to announce two of the three headliners of the festival already. With GREEN DAY and BRING ME THE HORIZON, pure escalation is guaranteed next year in Interlaken!

In addition to the announced headliners, 20 other bands are already known, which will tear up the stages at Greenfield Festival 2024. With bands like MACHINE HEAD, DROPKICK MURPHYS, FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET, BABYMETAL and THE INTERRUPTERS, no wishes remain unfulfilled! Also in 2024, there’s something for every rock, metal, or punk fan that makes the music heartbeat faster.

Greenfield Festival 2024 first bands poster

New at Greenfield Festival 2024:

GREEN DAY, originally from East Bay, California, has significantly shaped the punk rock scene since its formation in 1987. Their breakthrough came with the album “Dookie” (1994), which brought them commercial success and recognition. Known for their characteristic punk sound and catchy tunes, they are known for their politically charged lyrics, especially on albums like “American Idiot” (2004), which is regarded as a critique of American politics of the 2000s. Their live shows are known for their energy and their ability to engage the audience, making them one of the enduringly popular and influential punk rock bands.

BRING ME THE HORIZON, formed in 2004 in Sheffield, England, began their musical journey in the deathcore and metalcore genre, but over the years has evolved into a broader rock sound. Their lyrics, often dark and introspective, coupled with a musical evolution that incorporates electronic elements and pop sensibilities, have earned them a broad and engaged fan base. Their live performances are known for their intensity and theatrical staging, making BMTH a notable band in today’s rock scene.

MACHINE HEAD, from Oakland, California, is one of the most influential and wildest bands in the metal world. With powerful guitar riffs and socially critical lyrics, the band has built a loyal fan base over the years.

DROPKICK MURPHYS, the six musicians born and raised in Quincy, Massachusetts, blend punk rock with traditional Irish music. Their energetic live performances and albums like “Tessie” and “Warrior’s Code” have made them one of the most popular Celtic punk bands. With their distinctive sound and down-to-earth attitude, they remain a solid part of the punk scene.

FEINE SAHNE FISCHFILET, the German punk rock band is known for their political lyrics and energy-charged live shows. They definitely do not mince words and use their platform to address social and political issues. Their music is a direct and unvarnished expression of resistance and community.

BABYMETAL creates a unique blend of Kawaii Metal and J-Pop. With unique choreographies and an energy-charged sound, they have won a worldwide fan base. Albums like “The Other One” and “Babymetal” showcase their ability to cross boundaries and appeal to a global audience.

THE INTERRUPTERS from Los Angeles are known worldwide for their energy-charged shows and positive messages. With a classic ska-punk sound, enriched by powerful vocals and catchy tunes, they have built a loyal fan base. Their music offers both fun and a critical examination of social issues.

ICE NINE KILLS is an American metalcore band known for their theatrical performances and horror film-related concepts. With a sound that is both melodic and brutal, Ice Nine Kills has created a unique niche in the metalcore scene. Their albums like “The Silver Scream 2: Welcome to Horrorwood” and “Every Trick in the Book” showcase their creative approach to music and storytelling.

SALTATIO MORTIS fuse medieval music with modern rock into a sound that goes under the skin. With lyrical themes often dealing with historical or social issues, they have won a loyal fan base. Their absolutely energy-charged live performances with authentic instrumentals create a unique medieval atmosphere.

The Australian deathcore band THY ART IS MURDER is known for their technical competence and dark, provocative lyrics. With unstoppable energy and a uncompromising sound, they have made a name for themselves in the extreme metal scene. Their albums like “Godlike” and “Hate” are praised for their musical aggression and lyrical depth.

LIFE OF AGONY, emerged from the boiling underground of Brooklyn, has earned a solid place in the rock scene with their emotion-charged alternative metal and hardcore sound. Their music is often a cathartic journey through personal and social issues, and albums like “River Runs Red” and “The Sound of Scars” are a testament to their emotional depth and musical authenticity.

FEUERSCHWANZ represents a humorous and entertaining side of medieval rock in Germany. With their humorous lyrics and energy-charged performances, they create a bridge between traditional medieval sounds and modern rock. Their stage shows are often a colorful spectacle that transports the audience to a bygone era.

The British metalcore band BURY TOMORROW combines melodic riffs with powerful and emotional vocals. With their uplifting music and positive messages, they have won a loyal fan base. Their albums like “Black Flame” and “The Seventh Sun” showcase a band that constantly evolves while retaining their core sound.

KARNIVOOL, from Perth, Australia, are appreciated for their complex musical structures and emotional depth. Their music is an impressive blend of progressive rock and alternative metal that takes the listener on an introspective journey. With albums like “Sound Awake” and “Asymmetry,” they have earned a solid place in the progressive music scene.

KVELERTAK from Norway is an explosive blend of Black Metal, Punk Rock, and Classic Rock. Their energy-charged live shows and unique musical fusions have earned them a global fan base. Their distinctive style and raw energy are experienced on albums like “Endling” and “Splid.”

With catchy tunes and the powerful voice of lead singer Chrissy Costanza, AGAINST THE CURRENT has conquered the pop-rock scene. The band from New York offers a fresh perspective on modern rock music, with a blend of pop sensibility and rocky energy, as heard on albums like “Past Lives” and “In Our Bones.”

The Hamburg punk rock band MONTREAL is known for their humorous and ironic lyrics. With a crisp sound and lively performances, they have made a name for themselves in the German-speaking punk scene. Their music is a refreshing combination of fun and sharp-witted social criticism.

HANABIE. is a hybrid girl band with their original “Harajuku-Core”. This is a mix of metalcore and hardcore, paired with Akihabara culture. With Yukina’s incredible screams, their genre-crossing pop affinity, and their fashion that brings their culture to fruition, they take a big step forward from Harajuku-Core, and bloom to full blossom.

The Swedish metalcore band IMMINENCE is known for their emotional depth and theatrical live shows. With a blend of melodic passages and heavy breakdowns, they create an intense musical experience. Their albums like “Heaven in Hiding” and “Turn the Light On” are a testament to their musical diversity and emotional resonance.

FJØRT, a post-hardcore band from Germany, is known for their intense live shows and political lyrics. Their music is a powerful expression of emotion and social criticism, both heart-wrenching and stimulating. With albums like “Nichts” and “Kontakt” they have built a loyal fan base in the hardcore scene.

FUTURE PALACE, the emerging alternative rock band from Germany, captivates with emotional depth and melodic music. They are often introspective and their musical aesthetic is both uplifting and melancholic, as heard on their current album “Run.”

RAVE THE REQVIEM from Sweden is an industrial metal band with aggressive sound and energy-charged live shows. Their music is an intoxicating mix of hard guitar riffs, electronic beats, and a touch of Gothic aesthetics, creating an intense and dark atmosphere.

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