Full Force adds Dark Tranquility, Lionheart and more!

Full Force Festival Germay 2024 news

It’s only been a week since organisers started the new year with new confirmations like FRANK CARTER & THE RATTLESNAKES, KANONENFIEBER, SKYND and many other high-class acts and now, they are already coming up with the next bands, so you can look forward to the best summer vacation of the year!

Full Force Festival Germany 2024 January poster

With DARK TRANQUILLITY, fans of the Gothenburg school of melodic death metal can look forward to a grandiose and rousing live show and with LIONHEART, all of you can really let off steam in front of the stage – Mosh pits guaranteed! 

HEALTH from Los Angeles are known for their unique combination of hard guitar riffs and electronic sounds. They recently toured very successfully with SLEEP TOKEN and are responsible for the soundtrack of Max Payne 3 and also created songs for GTA V, Cyberpunk 2077 and other games; Things are getting a little darker and more atmospheric with HEXIS from Denmark, who will take the audience into another world with their sound combination of black metal, hardcore and doom; The currently hyped German metal band TENSIDE has a lot going for them – with hard guitar riffs and catchy melodies, the Munich band will convince FULL FORCE fans with their mix of metalcore, nu metal and other genres. And ZOMBIEZ from Berlin invite you to a trap metal horror live show, who will make everyone’s blood run cold with their scary show and scary lyrics.

Only a few acts are missing before the FULL FORCE 2024 line-up is complete!

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