Finland’s Ruisrock Festival adds more acts to their 2023 line up!

Zara Larsson confirmed-for-ruisrock Festival Finland 2023 news

Further additions to the line-up include big names such as the American group EMOTIONAL ORANGES, ABREU, MAUSTETYTÖT and RUUSUT.

With this artist announcement, Ruisrock also unveils its program and daily schedule and puts all ticket types on sale.

American rap sensation YEAT, now confirmed for Ruisrock, is a rising pioneer in experimental rap. Also a viral phenomenon, the artist defies the conventional rap song structure and stretches the rules of the English language with his style, which has propelled him to international fame.

In addition to YEAT, another act set to perform at Ruisrock on Sunday is R&B duo EMOTIONAL ORANGES. Drawing inspiration from funk, the American collective is known for its experimental style and mystery: the members show their faces only when performing live – and even then, fans only get a glimpse of the true identity of these elusive musicians.

More names have also been added to the international pop program. Recently confirmed for Ruisrock, ZARA LARSSON is a big name in Swedish pop, famous for her extraordinary international success. Scheduled to perform at Ruisrock on Friday, the artist has gained attention with her mega hits, such as Lush Life, and her feminist statements.

Finnish artists taking the stage at Ruisrock include rap duo JVG that has dominated playlists for a decade, and ALMA, who has risen to global fame. New additions to the pop line-up include MAUSTETYTÖT, who have recently released new music, ABREU, and SAMU HABER, announced earlier in February. Ruisrock will also feature electropop by RUUSUT and MALLA.

The Finnish rap line-up of Ruisrock is also expanding with several new names. The festival stages will host KÄÄRIJÄ, a favourite in this year’s Contest for New Music (UMK) who was announced yesterday, LAURI HAAV with his melancholic rap sound, the popular KARRI KOIRA, the intriguing collaboration of EEVIL STÖÖ & STEPA, and GASELLIT, announced on Valentine’s Day. In addition to these, Ruisrock will feature award-winning jazz musician LINDA FREDRIKSSON JUNIPER and fierce punk group HUORA.

Ruisrock will be held on the 7th – 9th July 2023 in Ruissalo, Turku.

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