Europe return to Masters of Rock Festival for a special show in 2023!

Europe play Masters of Rock Festival 2023 news

EUROPE will play an exclusive megashow for the 40th Anniversary of the release of their debut album “Europe”!

More than 4 decades on the world rock scene, millions of albums sold, millions of loyal fans and still a very hardworking and modest, it´s the Swedish rock gem EUROPE, who organisers will welcome this year, in the middle of July, to the Ronnie James Dio Stage in VIZOVICE at MASTERS OF ROCK 2023!

This year is going to be really busy for EUROPE! They are preparing the release of new music material, are about to make a documentary about their musical career and will embark on a major tour for the 40th anniversary of the release of their debut album “Europe” (1983)!

The fortieth anniversary tour is definitely in the works. We want to record and release one or two new singles and then a whole new record… there’s so much going on this year. However, we want to focus primarily on the documentary and the 40th anniversary tour.

Joey Tempest

With EUROPE there is another turning point in the history of the festival at this year´s “Masters”. Expect another pleasant, melodic-rock, unforgettable experience accompanied by deep melodies, clear vocals by Joey Tempest, a very strong rhythm section and masterful guitars by John Norum. This simply needs to be experienced! The legendary Swedes return to VIZOVICE for only the third time and this time they invite you all to their grand celebration of the 40th birthday of their debut album!

EUROPE will make VIZOVICE dance! The Final Countdown of MASTERS OF ROCK 2023 starts!

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