Empty Bottle Presents Announces WARM LOVE COOL DREAMS Festival!

USA Warm Love Cool Dreams Chicago 2024

Empty Bottle Presents announces WARM LOVE COOL DREAMS, a new multi-genre festival taking place September 28th and 29th at The Salt Shed. Featuring the triumphant return of THE JESUS LIZARD (their first Chicago show in over 6 years), as well as KELELA, FLOATING POINTS, SISTER NANCY, SHABAKA, SEXTILE, KING WOMAN and more, WARM LOVE COOL DREAMS is a two day, thoughtfully curated festival with no overlapping sets, each day feeling like a progression through a mixtape. Inspired by a line from Nelson Algren’s novel The Man With The Golden Arm, the criteria for the curation was to have each day of the festival occupy a side of a spectrum, from the fervid and energetic WARM LOVE to the calm and misty COOL DREAMS.

The simplicity and beauty of the ideas of warm love and cool dreams was something that occupied my mind for many years. We wanted to build a festival framework that creates an opportunity to showcase the artists we love in a way that is concise, unique, and also rips. Playing into these two concepts feels like the way to do just that.

Brent Heyl – WARM LOVE COOL DREAMS curator

Each day’s programming will move through a carefully crafted sonic spectrum, defining WARM LOVE and COOL DREAMS as their own micro-genres. Artists falling into the WARM LOVE category speak to the more experimental, fiery and untamed, the likes of which you’d hear from JESUS LIZARD, SEXTILE and KING WOMAN. Meanwhile, COOL DREAMS leans into the more inviting or chill tones, the likes of which you’d hear from KELELA, FLOATING POINTS and SISTER NANCY.

WARM LOVE COOL DREAMS continues Empty Bottle Presents’ legacy of deeply adventurous and thematic programming, building off their Beyond The Gate shows at Bohemian National Cemetery, immersive Plantasia events at Garfield Park Conservatory and annual Music Frozen Dancing winter block party outside of Empty Bottle.

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