Black Eyed Peas, Tom Morello, Carl Cox & more for EXIT Festival 2024

EXIT Festival Serbia 2024 news

The EXIT Festival 2024 lineup is headlined by pop-rap icons and one of the most successful music groups of all time, the BLACK EYED PEAS, along with one of the world’s most innovative guitarists and a driving force behind Rage Against the Machine, TOM MORELLO and the global trap trailblazer, GUCCI MANE! Legendary mts Dance Arena will feature the most popular DJ of all time, CARL COX, often seen as the symbol of the profession itself. He will be joined by the exceptional BONOBO, Berlin’s DJ star and producer KLANGKUENSTLER, SAMA’ ABDULHADI, BARRY CAN’T SWIM, FRANKY WAH and MENE. Tesla Universe Stage will also showcase leaders among the new generation of artists KENYA GRACE and INIKO, the popular British group RUDIMENTAL, pop and soul sensation JOHN NEWMAN, the unstoppable THE EXPLOITED, Australian visionary DUB FX, hitmakers WILLY WILLIAM, IAN ASHER and STEVE ANGELLO and the leading regional sensation JOKER OUT.

The first names for Visa Fusion Stage are the Greek band VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY and the Czech synth-pop group LAKESIDE X, while Explosive Stage will be energized by the Swiss thrash metal band CORONER and Nemesis! EXIT Starseeds, under the slogan “Awakening our Superpowers Together,” is set to take place from July 10th to 14th with a special Starseeds Takeover performance on Tesla Universe Stage reserved for day zero.

The pop-rap icons BLACK EYED PEAS are coming to Serbia for the first time, and with an incredible 80 million albums sold, they represent one of the most successful musical groups of all time! With their rich collection of platinum albums, they earned as many as 59 of the most prestigious music awards, including six Grammys, eight American Music Awards and two Billboard awards.

For the first time, the Petrovaradin Fortress will echo with the iconic riff of “Killing in the Name,“ straight from the axe of TOM MORELLO, the co-founder and leading composer of most of Rage Against the Machine’s albums! One of the most innovative guitarists of today, Morello has a career marked by an impressive array of collaborators such as Bruce Springsteen, RZA and GZA of Wu-Tang Clan, The Prodigy, Eddie Vedder, Bring Me the Horizon and Chris Stapleton. Showcasing a broad genre diversity through numerous collaborations and unconventional playing techniques, Morello’s unique musical expression and characteristic use of effects create his own language, combining rock, rap, and electronic elements.

The main Tesla Universe Stage will also host the unrivaled GUCCI MANE, a key figure in making trap a dominant music genre of today. His army of fans includes over forty million followers on social media, with streams of his songs reaching tens of billions!

CARL COX, widely regarded as the greatest DJ of all time and the king of the electronic scene, once said – “You have to play directly from your soul here, be who you are, and that’s what makes EXIT so special!“

After five years, he’s returning for a three-hour set at mts Dance Arena! His closing set in 2009 and another performance a decade later remain some of the most memorable events in the history of the electronic scene. Next year, on the festival’s first day, this living legend by the decks will once again take the stage before what he called “the most explosive audience” in the numerous interviews in which he spoke about EXIT!

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By popular demand, BONOBO, the maestro of blending various musical styles and a headliner at the world’s biggest festivals, is making his debut appearance in Serbia. With five Grammy nominations, two of which came just this year, he can boast a performance in front of two million people during his “Migration“ tour in 2017, while his namesake LP topped Billboard’s list of Best Dance Albums. mts Dance Arena will also feature British producer and DJ Barry Can’t Swim, while KLANGKUENSTLER will bring the spirit of Berlin’s club scene on the first day of the festival, along with stellar sets from SAMAABDULHADI, FRANKY WAH and MENE.

Tesla Universe Stage will also host leaders of a new generation of artists, KENYA GRACE and INIKO, the energetic RUDIMENTAL, known for chart-topping singles “Feel The Love“ and “Waiting All Night,“ and British pop and soul sensation JOHN NEWMAN, with his impressive 2+ billion streams. Tesla Universe will also be electrified by the unstoppable THE EXPLOITED and Australian visionary DUB FX. For the biggest dance hits, look out for WILLY WILLIAM, IAN ASHER and STEVE ANGELLO, with regional sensation JOKER OUT adding to the excitement!

EXIT’s multi-genre crossroad, the iconic Visa Fusion Stage, will feature Greek rock band VILLAGERS OF IOANNINA CITY and Czech synth-pop group LAKESIDE X. A heavier sound is traditionally reserved for Explosive Stage, so far headlined by Swiss thrash metal band CORONER and the all-female death metal group NEMESIS.

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