Avril Lavigne & Smashing Pumpkins confirmed for Cruilla Festival!

Avril Lavigne and Smashing Pumpkins-play Cruilla Festival Spain 2024

She walked so the rest could run. She made pop-rock her own, becoming a reference so that many more young artists after her could also make this genre their own. She spoke honestly about what happens to us and what we feel so that millions of teenagers around the world could also do it.

As she herself says in “Complicated”: lay back, it’s all been done before. AVRIL LAVIGNE marked a whole musical and aesthetic era that we will be able to relive on July 12th 2024 at the Festival Cruïlal!

The Canadian artist made history by selling 40 million records worldwide, releasing the first video clip to reach 100 million views on YouTube, popularizing colored highlights and dirty Converse and turning hits like “Sk8er Boi” or “What the Hell” into generational anthems. In short: he has become a transcendental icon of our century.

Hey, hey, you, you, you: next July 12th we will leave our voices exclaiming each and every one of his verses at the Festival Cruïlla 2024 and we want to see you in the crowd!

They were born as a band in 1988 in Chicago, but they have been able to keep the urgency of now intact ever since, and make it reach the whole world. Through the ten albums they have released during their 35-year career, The SMASHING PUMPKINS have created a unique style that unites caramel melodies, explosive distortion and eloquent lyrics.

On July 13, 2024, the Americans will arrive at the Festival Cruïlla to present the latest representation of their particular genre: their new album ‘ATUM’! “1979” or “Bullet With Butterfly Wings” are already part of the collective songbook of all rock lovers: The Smashing Pumpkins have managed to transform the genre, making it meet pop, shoegaze, metal or electronic, inventing a new sound, which still is.

30 million albums sold and two Grammys later, the Chicago band continues to mark the history of music and, on July 13, 2024, also that of the Festival Cruïlla!

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