AURORA headlines Bergenfest 2025

Aurora headlines Brgenfest Norway 2025

In recent years, Bergenfest has ended the festival with a Bergen-based artist as the main attraction and in 2025 it will be AURORA who will take the stage as the final headliner on Saturday 14th June!

AURORA has distinguished herself as a distinctive and innovative artist since her debut album “All My Demons Greeting Me As A Friend” in 2016. Her creativity, uncompromising attitude and unique ability to combine deeply personal lyrics with a wide range of musical styles have made her to a favorite among critics and fans alike.

I love Bergenfest. I go there myself and feel that it is my city and my festival. To be able to finish next year is my wet dream!


After releasing the songs “Your Blood”, “The Conflict of The Mind”, “Some Type of Skin”, and “To Be Alright”, AURORA is finally back with their fifth studio album “What Happened To The Heart?”. The album is a journey from weakness to strength, from self-destruction to self-healing, and is described by the artist herself as the “most personal and liberating album” she has ever made. From haunting folk melodies to techno beats, all the exciting collaborators (Ane Brun, Matias Tellez, Magnus Skylstad, Tom Rowlands from The Chemical Brothers, Chris Greatti and Dave Hamelin) bring their own style to the album.

“What Happened To The Heart?” has already received rave reviews. NME, one of the world’s biggest music websites, writes: “The Norwegian art-pop sensation ups the ante on this epic career-high, throwing up shapes along with reasons to live and to love”. AURORA are facing a very exciting new chapter in their career, and we can hardly wait to experience these songs live, especially as the grand finale to next year’s festival programme! What happened to the heart? All hearts are looking forward to Bergenfest 2025!

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