All Points East Line Up Announced for New Amex Unsigned Stage

All Points East 2024 UK

Uber One presents All Points East 2024 is just around the corner with summer well underway. The celebrated East London festival is delighted to announce the new ‘AMEX UNSIGNED.’ stage across the weekends from Friday 16th to Sunday 25th August.  This year’s line-up features a dynamic mix of emerging talents set to captivate the crowds with their unique sounds and electrifying performances.

On Friday 16th August, Amex Unsigned artists HARLEIGHBLU, as well as BLOODY CIVILIAN, RIAN BRAZIL will take to the stage. Born and raised in Abuja, Nigeria, BLOODY CIVILIAN is a genre-defying singer, whose penchant for storytelling manifests in her authentic, unbridled, and poetic lyricism. A driving force of Bloody Civilian’s work is to empower and platform African art: she hopes that her career will be marked by her distinct dedication to uplifting her African culture and heritage in every space she encounters.

RIAN BRAZIL is a seasoned artist who has established himself in the hip hop and trap music scenes. His ability to expertly incorporate trap music components into his sound gives his songs an additional depth and complexity – thought-provoking and insightful, Rian Brazil’s songs explore themes of love, struggle, and human development. Stirring in the underbelly of the bubbling UK Neo-Soul scene, and among the winners of Amex’s Unsigned initiative designed to support up and coming artists, is HARLEIGHBLU, a captivating songstress paving her own lane with her distinctive sound and touching vocals. A mellow fusion of soul, hip hop and jazz, pulsating with unexpected eclectic flourishes, her impressive vocal flow and succinct storytelling, all make Harleighblu one of the most unique artists coming out of the Soul world right now.

Saturday 17th August will see TOM DID IT and another Amex Unsigned alumnus, KIANJA, perform at All Points East, with more names to be revealed. Rapper, singer, and producer TOM DID IT, began his journey as a DJ, before producing and then putting his own vocals to the music – a mix of UK rap, upbeat club-ready beats, and laid-back indie pop. After enjoying early success with the 2020 single ‘Outside’, in three short years he has worked with Nafe Smallz, Sigma, Chip, Sigala, and Steel Banglez. This eclectic array of artists shows his versatility and, as he spends time in the studio with global icons and joins his childhood heroes on stage, his self-determination proves to be his guiding light. Born in North-East London, Amex Unsigned artist KIANJA was raised on a musical diet of Soul, Reggae and Jazz. Her debut EP, Glory, led to support across BBC Radio 1 and 1Xtra, before she found herself singing alongside Craig David, Swarmz and S- X on Bastille’s Other People’s Heartache EP. Her impeccable live performances also earned her a personal recommendation from Nile Rodgers, resulting in a performance at Meltdown Festival at the London Southbank.

Sunday’s lineup for 18th August welcomes MOLLY PAYTON, HANA VU, SIENNA SPIRO and GADHER (Amex Unsigned artist). MOLLY PAYTON draws inspiration from rock and roll bands of the ’60s and ’70s, quite literally flew onto the London music scene when she moved from her hometown in New Zealand with just her mum and a dream of making it as a musician. Two years later, she had her first EP under her belt and had begun to establish a place for herself on the indie scene by supporting alt-rock bands like ‘Palace’.

HANA VU, is an American DIY singer-songwriter. Vu began writing songs as a child and started performing around L.A. by the age of 14, eventually opening for bands like Soccer Mommy and Wet. She was included in The NME 100: Essential new artists credited with “tearing up diary scribbles and mangling them into a scrunch of daydreaming indie rock.”  18 year old singer/songwriter SIENNA SPIRO released her debut single Need Me in May, which then featured on BBC Radio 1’s Future Sounds show. The London based rising star first gained attention on TikTok for her covers of well-known songs, and has since gained 533k followers and 15.3 million likes.

Born and raised in Leicester but now residing in London, Amex Unsigned artist RIYA GADHER has fully launched her career in 2023 after silently developing for the past 5 years. Riya almost feels like she is from a different era being an old soul living in a technology driven and forever advancing world which has led her to embody an alternative pop sound and style with conventionally classic undertones.

All Points East 2024 UK Amex Unsigned stage poster

The following weekend, on Friday 23rd August we have ATTAWALPA, NICK WARD and SIMON A. (Amex Unsigned artist.) ATTAWALPA a.k.a British Peruvian artist Luis Felber has put together a band of distinct and accomplished musicians formed to replicate his recorded sound and then surprise with a new alchemy. 2022 and 2023 saw Attawalpa sharing billings with Bruce Springsteen, Grace Jones, The Rolling Stones, Phoebe Bridgers and War on Drugs and many more. Attawalpa are also currently working on their new record ‘Experience’.

NICK WARD, a 19-year-old artist and producer from Sydney, creates music that transcends the confines of his bedroom, navigating queer sexuality and identity through introspective songwriting and impressive production. His multifaceted style, showcased in his second EP “Brand New You,” blends dreamy soundscapes, hip-hop beats, and indie-pop elements, capturing the emotional rollercoasters of youth and individuality.

Last but not least, Amex Unsigned artist SIMON A. is a singer, rapper, songwriter, and producer from Walthamstow, East London, whose genre-blending music draws from RnB, Hip Hop, Indie, Classical, and House. His intricate sound serves as a base for exploring themes like self-love, social media, mental health, and relationships, aiming to inspire personal growth and change through his art.

On Saturday 24th August, KIIMI, JUNIOR SIMBA, SOLA GUINTO (Amex Unsigned artist) and ARU will join us in Victoria Park. London-based producer, vocalist, and multi-instrumentalist KIIMI is a classically trained musician who has broken into the electronic music scene with a unique approach, receiving acclaim from prominent artists and BBC Radio1’s Jack Saunders. Kiimi, who identifies as non-binary, also founded Hunni Sound, an online network supporting femme-identifying, non-binary, and trans music producers and creators.

JUNIOR SIMBA, a DJ and producer originally from Zimbabwe, blends his rich musical background with UK electronic influences to create a unique sound, earning support from BBC Radio 1 and Kiss FM. Known for his vibrant, groove-heavy sets, he aims to highlight Leeds, Black, and African artists in dance music. Born in the SF Bay Area and now based in Manchester, Amex Unsigned artist SOLA GUINTO offers an unapologetic and extreme sonic experience, blending the sounds of her youth to analyse and share our chaotic reality through a unique musical lens.

To top things off on Sunday 25th August, we welcome MEHRO, DAILY J, JOHN-ROBERT and ABZ WINTER to AMEX UNSIGNED at All Points East. MEHRO is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist from Los Angeles. His emotive music, inspired by artists like Elliot Smith, Frank Ocean, and Phoebe Bridgers, has resonated with fans, with his debut single “perfume” garnering over 10 million Spotify streams and “chance with you” over 37 million streams. Hailing from the deeply rooted backlands of Blenheim New Zealand, Auckland based DAILY J have constructed their own unique sound, offering blissful blends of warm swirling melodies, dynamic basslines and a subtle pop electronica influence that leaves you feeling swooned.

JOHN-ROBERT is only 20 years old and already living out his dreams on the daily. Originally hailing from Virginia, the singer, songwriter, and producer extraordinaire describes himself to FLAUNT as “an average height, decent musician,” showcasing humility when it comes to the depth in his music. At just 21, Amex Unsigned artist ABZ WINTER has already made a significant impact in the pop/rock world. Known for her powerful performances and confident style, she has already been played on 120 radio stations globally, including Kerrang! Radio, Amazing Radio, and BBC Radio 2.

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