TooManyLeftHands curate Thursday line up at Magicbox

TooManyLeftHands play Magicbox at Tinderbox Denmark 2023 news

Tinderbox organisers follow up with the announcement of the Thursday lineup. And for the first time ever, it’s been curated by the Danish electronic duo TOOMANYLEFTHANDS.

TOOMANYLEFTHANDS is made up by Anders K and Martin Nick and has been synonymous with Magicbox since the very beginning. In fact, they’ve been on every poster since the very beginning in 2015 – besides from one year where the demand for the Danish duo was so high, the festival had to expand the program with one hour to get the beloved name back on the bill.

During their many years at Magicbox, TOOMANYLEFTHANDS has experienced everything from the stage catching fire to Martin Nick having to perform alone because Anders K became a father during their set. Few people have the same kind of connection to Magicbox as these two lads, and that’s what the festival has decided to honour by handing over the Thursday lineup to the pair under the concept ‘TooManyLeftHands & Friends’.

It’s going to be the seventh year, we’ll be playing at Magicbox. We started out by playing in the middle of the day – in pouring rain – and the crowd still turned up and filled the stage. Although we’re not from the city of Odense, we still feel at home at Magicbox and it was an incredible experience playing last year after lockdown and hearing the roar of the crowd. It still gives us the chills when thinking back


In the programming process, the two DJs have focused on building up one long cohesive set. They’ll be behind the decks for nine hours straight while joined on stage by a string of hand-picked artists like German house act TUJAMO, the Netherland’s CHICO ROSE, Ibiza residents MAMBO BROTHERS and several Scandinavian and local names like BROILERKATONAUSE and OLIVER INGROSSO.

We’re always eager to play different kinds of music at Tinderbox, but it’s often hard when we’re playing at midnight, and the crowd expects a certain intensity at that point. Now, we get the opportunity to build up the music during a nine-hour set. It’s the first time we’ll be playing for that long but with good friends joining us on stage, it’s going to be one long party. We’ll start out softly and build up in both tempo and energy to finish up things with a massive party like we always do. We definitely need to spend more time in the gym and work on our cardio so we can dance for nine hours! There’ll be sore legs the next day, that’s for sure…

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