Five new artists added to the Storsjöyran 2023 line up!

Storsjoyran Festival Sweden 2023 news

Just in time for Midsummer, organisers release a mix of five new artists for Storsjöyran!

VIKTOR NORÉN is touring solo during the summer under his own name and will make a stop in Östersund during Yransöndagen. Sweden’s big future name in metal ETERNAL EVIL, singer, rapper and producer RAGHD from Gothenburg, blues & indie folk artist VILMA FLOOD and RnB artist DEMEKECH will also come to Storsjöyran.

VIKTOR NORÉN – This summer it is time for Viktor Norén to go on a solo tour!
“Since Gustaf will recover this summer from his tiring job as a teacher, I will go on an adventure. Feels scary, naked, nerve-wracking. And absolutely wonderful” says Viktor Norén.

ETERNAL EVIL – In 2019, ETERNAL EVIL released their first demo and had a huge impact on metal in Sweden, then came the album “The Warriors Awakening… Brings The Unholy Slaughter!” It’s no secret that they listened a lot to Slayer, Exedos and Venom, but Eternal Evil stands firmly on its own as Swedish metal’s big name of the future.

VILMA FLOOD – With her critically acclaimed album, “Moodswinger”, Vilma Flood became an issue not only for the blues movement, but rather she had placed herself in the centre of Sweden’s hungriest indie folk talents. “Even if we speak a kind of traditionalism, it doesn’t really sound like anything else,” wrote Pierre Hellqvist in Sonic Magazine.

RAGHD – Already on the debut EP “Are We There Yet”, which was produced in collaboration with DJ Haydn, RAGHD showed a musical freedom to wildly mix genres and influences – rap, psychedelic synths, looped vocals, beats, alternative rock and R&B. Raghd is increasingly emerging as one of the most likely breakthroughs in 2023.

DEMEKECH – In 2021, DEMEKECH released her first singles, which resulted in an EP “call dad” – the collection is a series of stories from her countless phone calls with her father. With a dreamy and alternative soundscape, mixed with influences from RnB, pop and folk music. Perfect for an intimate gig out on Ångaren in the magical waters of Storsjön.

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