Wacken Open Air adds more acts for 2024!

Wacken Open Air Germany 2024 news

First and foremost is warlock Dani Filth, who is visiting Wacken with his eerily chic demon-gang CRADLE OF FILTH. For 30 years, they have been wheezing, shrieking, crowing on stages and constantly smudging the boundaries between Black, Symphonic and Death Metal with black corpse paint.

In darkness we trust, right? And that’s why we can’t avoid finally inviting the German Death Metallers NECROTTED. Despite 15 years of band history, they’re still as fresh as a jackhammer straight to the brain and are eager on doing exactly that at W:O:A 24.

The best way to endure so much darkness? With beer. Clearly. Best already for breakfast. And even better together with legends TANKARD, who will serve a special morning pint to serenade you into a Wacken day full of adventures.

Also boarding the ship: More upbeat vibes with PADDY & THE RATS – Hungarian Celts or Celtic-style Hungarians with their high-speed folk punk.

And finally a dream comes true!  It’s hard to believe but fate has so far not wanted the exceptional SUZI QUATRO to honour the festival with her presence. But now the time has come and the American legend known for tight leather and tight songs will show everyone with her 73 years once again how it is REALLY done!

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