Griz and Remi Wolf Headline Meow Wolf’s Annual Vortex Festival

Meow Wolfs Vortex Festival USA 2023 news

Enter the Vortex: Denver’s portal to a multifaceted music festival where the dance floor is the quintessential immersive experience. Meow Wolf is once again partnering with Live Nation for its second year of the festival, taking place at The JunkYard, a one-of-a-kind venue in the heart of Denver. The offbeat arts and entertainment company will dramatically transform the space into a halcyon multi-stage dreamland.

Meow Wolfs Vortex Festival USA 2023 initial poster

Denver – let’s do this! Come out to The JunkYard and play with us this year. Denver has such a vibrant community and we are excited to dance with you!

Marsi Gray – Senior Director of Events at Meow Wolf

Brimming with off-the-wall performers, chill zones, experiential art, and an eclectic curation of the hottest multigenre lineup of artists, this festival is guaranteed to be like every Meow Wolf exhibition: indescribable, and yet all the buzz. The event will include three consecutive afternoons and nights of music with more than 30 acts across two stages – all ages are welcome. After its first year in Denver, called Vortex “a surrealist escape” and 303 Magazine called it “a living, breathing embodiment of Denver’s artistic community.”

Since last year’s Vortex wrapped up, we’ve been locked in with Meow Wolf to make year two in Denver nothing short of spectacular. Here we are, ready to launch. It’s an exciting day for the city.

Eric Pirritt – President of Live Nation Rockies

Headliners include GRiZ and REMI WOLF. Fans of GRiZ might remember when the internationally-known DJ and producer played the first ever show at Meow Wolf Denver’s venue, The Perplexiplex, which sold out in minutes. This past Sunday, GRiZ announced a free pop-up show for his fans. With less than two hours notice, more than 5,000 fans flooded The JunkYard where it was announced that he is headlining Vortex 2023.


I’m beyond excited to be playing Vortex this year! I’ll be coming through with a special set for a special festival.


If you are still looking for a place to stay during Vortex Festival, check out our map below showing the available accommodation options!

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