Copenhell adds more bands to their 2023 line up!

Copenhell Festival Denmark 2023 news

Two fistfuls of new bands have just been etched into COPENHELL’s glowing hot 2023 festival poster, bringing the total number of concerts at this summer’s festival to 69 so far!

BILLY F. GIBBONS is one of the world’s greatest blues rock guitarists and famous for being one of the two long-bearded frontment of the rock band ZZ Top, which he has been supplying with juicy riffs through 50 years. The Texan blues ’n’ boogie icon will visit COPENHELL 2023 with his solo band BILLY F. GIBBONS FEATURING MATT SORUM & AUSTIN HANKS and give everyone a taste of half a century of guitar equilibrism and showmanship.

VENDED consists of five musicians from Des Moines, Iowa, USA who have embarked on a quest for world domination. The band was formed in 2018, and they represent a whole new generation of metal with their very own creative sound and style, delivering it with fierce power and razor-sharp precision. Two of the band’s artists are sons of members of SLIPKNOT, and they definitely don’t take the backseat to their famous fathers when it comes to raw aggression and ferocity!

The Brazilian outfit ANGRA plays entertaining and fast melodic power metal. The band works both progressive elements and orchestral structures into the music, and everything is delivered with great pathos and power today, more than 30 years into their career. BLACKBRAID is an innovative one-man project from the US by the native American musician Sgah’gahsowáh who plays what is best described as atmospheric black metal. It is a music project driven by passion and authenticity – and not least a roaring inferno of furious sounds. ABORTED from Belgium has always been a factor of power on the technical death metal scene, and they play what is best described as the sound of hell. This band consistently delivers 100 % concrete-hard grindcore-inspired brutality with a lyrical universe permeated by horror and grotesque elements atop a true wall of thunderous blast beats.

DEMON HEAD is the long-lasting constellation of five internationally based and widely acclaimed musicians playing intense and atmospheric diabolic rock. The band returns to COPENHELL after extensive touring throughout Europe both on their own and together with other acts, and we look forward to a new banger of a concert at the festival. The local hardcore heroes NIGHT FEVER from Copenhagen have awakened from their slumber. With an album coming up, they are out for blood and ready to kickstart this year’s COPENHELL. The band is known for their lead vocalist’s Danzig-esque vocals, their frenzied live shows and utter chaos. Get ready for pure hardcore destruction from this uncompromising quintet. The mystical and masked British metal quintet BLACKGOLD is on a mission: To revive the nu metal genre and focus solely on their music. The anonymous band released a critically acclaimed EP last year, and they are ready to impress from the stage here in 2023!

Danish-French-Polish STEEL INFERNO plays classic thrashy speed metal in the style of the early eighties. Classical heavy metal atmosphere is prevalent with countless riffs and solos in the chaotic compositions, and the band’s third full-length release, last year’s ‘Evil Reign’, exudes aggression, attitude and great retro style. Don’t let yourself be fooled: The members of GALGE might very well look like a bunch of completely normal and nice young men, but as soon as they take to the stage, this disguise falls! This band plays hard-as-nails Danish death metal of the finest kind, which bites all the way into the bone without letting go and shake you until you are no longer resisting. Be prepared for the assault!

The Danish heavy rock band STATEMENT released their fourth album, ‘Dreams From The Darkest Side’, last year and ever since the beginning in 2011, they have kept to their own very special style of rock that combines hard rock, heavy metal and elements of pop in a catchy and entertaining soundscape.

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